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While each of our projects is unique, tailored not only to the client but also to the existing architectural framework of the space, many years of experience in interior architecture has led us to develop the following design process.


This complementary meeting is an opportunity for us to discuss project requirements, desired outcomes, budget, timeframe and potential collaborators. Renovating your home is an intimate process and you need to be sure that we are the right choice for you and your project! This meeting allows you to meet our team, discuss ideas and learn about our process.




At the site visit we inspect and measure your property. This allows us to identify site constraints early on and proceed to the next stage of the design process with a better understanding of the space. Once we have assessed the property, we are able to prepare a Fee Proposal outlining the works involved your project and allowing a time estimate for each stage.




Space planning allows us to improve the internal layout of your home by considering structural alterations, proposed new cabinetry locations and suggested furniture layouts. Many years of experience in space planning for residential clients has led us to develop an insight into consumer needs and wants within the home which is reflected in our floor plans.




Developing a concept early on in the project enables our clients to see, feel and understand our vision for the home we are intending to create for them. Our focus is always to create sophisticated spaces that are genuinely suited to a client´s personality and lifestyle. This stage involves the presentation of mood boards and samples.




Design documentation allows us to accurately price and construct your project. This involves a full technical documentation package, a Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment Schedule, as well as coordination of the tendering process. Over the years, we have developed a leading team of consultants to achieve the best possible result for your project.




Our studio´s expansive library is an essential tool that is frequently updated with new and inspiring materials and products. This, coupled with our extensive knowledge of local and international suppliers and products, not only provides the basis for overall aesthetic on all projects but also ensures that we are up-to-date with recent innovations.




Our furniture and soft furnishing curation, selection and procurement service allows us to source exceptional furniture, materials, art and objects for your home. Through our comprehensive network of trusted suppliers from around the world, we tailor this service accordingly, ensuring that our selections suit not only the interior of your home but also your personality and lifestyle.




We work closely with our manufacturers to produce bespoke furniture and accessories of the finest quality. The client´s preferences for function, design, materiality and size are carefully considered in order to customise a piece from an existing collection or to create something entirely unique, highly personal and tailored to suit the client´s needs.




We endeavour to make the renovation process as smooth as possible by providing on-site support to the contractors involved in the project for the duration of the renovation to ensure a successful outcome. We are on site throughout the process overseeing delivery, installation, quality control and placement as well as finalising the small but oh-so-important styling details!




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