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An investment company sought for a creative white-glove solution for their new office area and wanted an interior that reflected their modern profile in a classical environment. The furnishing need to include smart solutions to meet the company's need using technical equipment at meetings and projects.

Kontorsinredning för Riskkapitalsbolag

The office room was designed for smaller project groups that could work close to each other with extended knowledge exchanges. The bespoke writing desk in Standard Cherry was produced of solid timber and customised with a built-in compartment for electrical sockets in the middle of the table. De user-friendly work chairs provided an english elegance which were approriate for the long working days. Delightfull's suspension lighting Ike was customised and constructed after the table's size, bridging the classical and modern. To lift the office even further we used the futuristic wallpaper Lux from Nobilis. The cubistic painting was handpicked with the intention to emphasise the company's passion; music.


Konferensrum för Riskkapitalsbolag

The customer's vision was that the conference room needed to represent the company and be an inspiring yet comfortable environment for decision-making. The boat shaped conference table, with elements of green leather, was a made-to-measure furniture piece with a smart solution for storing electrical sockets. The wooden parts of the table, as well as the bespoke radiator protection, were handcrafted in standard cherry timber in order to bind all the office rooms together. The choice of Gainsborough chairs felt natural for the company's clients who both need comfort and formality at the conference table of decisions.

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Riskkapitalsbolag lobby inredning

Empire bord med Geffrye Tub Chairs

Lobby Moodboard

In the lounge we used two guidelines: identity and comfort. For the creating area we used an inviting chesterfield sofa in a hand-dyed cognac leather. Sofa was specially designed in order to increase the comfortability which resulted in a lower, deeper and softer design than usual. The eye-striking lamp Matheny from Delightfull reflected the company's awareness and gave the room a dramatic boost.

The gilded Ikaro side table was handpicked to on the hand add the room with a conversation piece and on the other hand to highlight the suspension lighting. The table was then balanced with toned-down Geffrye chairs.



For a tasteful and functional storage, a bureau from handcrafted at R.E.H. Kennedy. Chairs from Jonathan Charles were placed next to the wonderful bespoke pice, fusing classical design with modern function while retaining the same craftmanship. As for complement lighting we chose some discrete table lamps from Heathfield.

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