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Situated in Nacka´s historic Saltsjökvarn building, this 124 square metre apartment boasts impressive water views towards Djurgården as well as the industrial charm of the old grain mill. While demolishing the existing kitchen, our priority was to ensure the new design complimented the architectural framework as well as embracing our client´s colourful vision for their home. That our clients were open to all of the possibilities bespoke kitchen design has to offer, was an extraordinary bonus in terms of what we could explore through materiality and texture. The fully integrated kitchen, with hidden appliances and maximised storage, allows the space to function both practically on a daily basis as well as seamlessly when entertaining. Defining the kitchen, the bespoke brushed brass cabinetry reveals the warm beauty of the material while a clear lacquer finish protects it in a high-use area. The tactile variations in the brushed brass, stone, timber, textured glass, matte metal detailing and vivid teal paint colour each deliver a subtle richness to the whole. The result is a kitchen imbued with character and personality that evokes a sense of joy and playfulness with a sophisticated, industrial edge.

Completed: December 2019
Place: Nacka, Stockholm

Type of project: Kitchen renovation
Photographer: Joachim Belaeiff


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