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Brittfurn Design Studio

Brittfurn is an interior agency focusing on personal design, versatility and quality. When the furniture store opened for more than 30 years ago, it was instantly appreciated for it's exclusive range of products, eye for details and high-quality finishes. The company has throughout the years developed into a hub for different kinds of interior.

Through our online store we both sell off-the-shelf and bespoke products from around the world. In our range of products you can choose between thousands of sustainable goods and receive tips on how to breath life into your interior. After having seen the increased need for interior help, Brittfurn also expanded to offer full interior services for both residential and commercial projects. As of such, our customers are able to get assistance with anything from deep renovations to a layout proposal.

You're welcome to stop by our showroom or design studio, so you can have a look at our handpicked selection of furniture, wallpapers and fabrics, or to talk to one of our experts. Brittfurn is the place for interior design where customers always will be met with the attitude that anything is possible. Welcome!



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