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We offer customised interior solutions for both residential and hospitality environments. Based on what you're wanting this could entail anything from a total renovation to a furnishing proposal. The most common phases for our interior projects can be found below.


On the first meeting we discuss the scope of works. Together will map your personal style, as well as the feeling and functionality you're looking for. Our focus is always to create sophisticated spaces which reflect your personality and lifestyle.



We will then continue with on-site measurements, assessing the current situation of all spaces, whilst considering future changes. These measurements allow us to early on identify limitations for each respective space. They are then drafted into a CAD-drawn floorplan.



With the aid of our CAD-drawings, and/or previous architectural drawings, we can help you optimise the layout of your interior. Consideration will also be taken to future structural alterations, furnishing and placement. Different alternatives will then be presented to you.



At this stage we will breathe life into the design, where 
will incorporate your functional and aesthetic needs. Our design team will then start conceptualising the look, colour palettes, materials, finishes, textures and patterns, so you can see, feel and understand the vision.



Brittfurn's team will meticulously provide documents and drawings for anything encompassing bespoke cabinetry, joinery and interior construction. This will ensure that the project will have detailed documentation, facilitating the pricing and construction process.



We will research which contractor is best suited for your project. Normally the procurement process entails a discussion of the project's scope, in order to find the right contract for the right price. Based on your budget and your preferences we will help find the right team for you.


During the construction and renovation we'll frequently visit the interior project on site, to ensure support for all the different contractors. Progress, troubleshooting and quality are constantly checked. When the construction phase is finished we'll conduct a final quality control.


8. FF&E

Together we'll produce a furnishing that reflects your needs and preferences, with unique pieces from our network of well renowned suppliers. In addition, you can also get anything from bespoke furniture to lighting, rugs, art and other various interior accessories.



In the final phase of production we'll coordinate the delivery and installation for a smooth moving in of your furniture accordingly with previous agreements. We also offer a white glove service, ensuring that your home looks like it's straight from an interior magazine.




The initial consultation is a complimentary meeting that takes place in the Brittfurn design studio. It is an opportunity for us to discuss project requirements, desired outcomes, budget, timeframe and potential collaborators in order to determine the scale of your project. Once the initial consultation has been completed, we will send through a Fee Proposal estimating the time required for our involvement in your project.

As of 1 January 2019, our hourly rates are as follows:


1.100 SEK / hr (ex. VAT)

  • Technical drawings for plans and cabinetry design

  • Schedules of fittings and fixtures

  • Decoration works

  • Project concepts

  • Installation of decoration projects


1.300 SEK / hr (ex. VAT)


  • Client meetings and correspondence

  • Correspondence and coordination of trades and contractors 

  • Running and coordination of projects in house

Once the fee proposal is accepted, an initial deposit of 50% will be invoiced to you. Following this, invoices which bill the hours dedicated to your project will be issued regularly. For purchasing of decoration items such as furniture, we require payment prior to ordering. We will invoice you once an item has been decided upon. We hope this outline has provided you with the information you need. Please feel free to contact the studio if there are any other details you wish to find out.



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