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You can probably relate to the feeling of having a vision of an interior or furniture piece, not being able to find something that matches your dream. You might have found an inspiration image but don't know how to realise your idea. Maybe your apartment needs made-to-measure solutions or a bespoke furniture piece in a special finish which is hard to get by. Brittfurn offers you the solution to create the interior of your dreams. With us you're able to use some of the world's most well-renowned manufacturers to create unique and personal concepts based on your visions. You can realise your concepts with R.E.H. Kennedy for wood furniture and George Smith for upholstered furniture. All personal concepts are developed as soon as the sketches are confirmed.

Personligt Koncept med George Smith

Brittfurn first welcomes you to a start-up meeting, where we discuss your preferences to shape a personal concept. The concept is then forwarded to our dedicated team. If any eventual measurements are required we will measure these on site. After the presentation of the project we'll walk through the eventual changes of for example; materials and practical preferences we need to consider. When the sketches have been confirmed, production of your wooden furniture piece will then commence at the first-class manufacturer R.E.H. Kennedy in England, where it's handcrafted by an individual artisan. The same goes for George Smith's upholstered furniture; traditional handcrafted frames, coiled springs and paddings made of the finest quality. All furniture are made to last, constructed and produced the same way as they have been for generations. Finally your furniture pieces are delivered and installed at your home.

For further questions regarding our interior service or if you would like to book a meeting, please contact us below.

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