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It isn't always that a furniture piece matches your exact vision. For example, it might have a different shape, miss some defining details that match your interior or maybe just lack that little extra to be considered the perfect furniture piece of your dreams. With some of our manufacturers you have the possibility to customise the details on some standard models so that they are adjusted to your aesthetical and practical needs. R.E.H Kennedy offers adjustments for wood furniture pieces and George Smith for upholstered furniture. All adjustments are confirmed with sketches.

R.E.H. Kennedy

Offers adjustments such as adding a shelve or an extra drawer. R.E.H. Kennedy even gives you the opportunity to change legs to a neater version. You choose freely between which door handles and table tops you want to use, where you for example could use leather or marble instead of timber. Electronics can also be built into the furniture pieces with room for outlets. Apart from these adjustments you can also add extra table extensions to tables.


George Smith

Offers adjustments to specific parts of upholstered furniture, e.g. scaling up the seat height or lowering the armrest. Parts can also be added or removed from the furniture piece, where one for example could model a chaise lounge sofa with or without foot rests. If so desired, you can also adjust the shape of the sofa, where a straight soffa can become curvy. You can also decide if you want a valanced or a non-valanced sofa/armchair, as well as adjust the seams as you want.


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