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We currently have a 10% discount on all sofas and armchairs. The furniture pieces can be customised with unique finishes through the use of our fabrics and leathers. As of such, we also offer a half hour's worth of free consultation, where we together will create your dream sofa or armchair. Pop in to our showroom or contact us in order to book a meeting in our design studio. The campaign is valid between the 26th of August until the 15th of September 2019. Welcome to Brittfurn!


Throughout the years we've worked with some of the finest craftsmen and renowned brands in England. We can therefore proudly provide our customers with high-quality sofas and armchairs.

Photo: George Smith furniture upholstery.

The exclusive furniture pieces from George Smith are developed from sketch to finished product in Cramlington, North of England. The famous cabinet-maker George Smith's eclectic style, who was active in the early 19th century, has to this day still an impact on the form of the company's pieces, ranging from different styles such as: Neo-Classic, Gothic, Chinese and Etruscan design. The company focuses a lot on sustainable materials and has refined their techniques for generations in order to produce their high-end furniture pieces. All of their furniture pieces can customised into bespoke items, all adjusted to the design, size, details and materials of your dreams.



Duresta produces one of the finest sofas and armchairs in Nottinghamshire, where they since 1938 have been crafted furniture by hand. If you walk close to a Duresta furniture piece you're able to see the precision of their crafmanship. The classic English style has always been at the core of Duresta, but has shifted throughout times to even provide more modern styles. True to all of their furniture, is their unique and personal style that radiates throughout the design. Their sofas are both comfortable to sit in and look at. All of their sofas are well renowned around the world, with hundreds of different possible combinations to suit your specific needs.



Brittfurn's leather Chesterfield sofa's and armchairs are handcrafted in Lancashire in North West England. All furniture pieces have a stellar quality which is hard to achieve without the hand-produced craftmanship. To sit down in a real handmade Chesterfield, Hatfield or Chartwell sofa is the definition of how English furniture pieces should be experienced. The material is carefully hand-picked in order to provide our clients with high-quality timbers and leathers. All models can be found in a range of exclusive leathers.




Do you have any questions regarding the furniture pieces or want to book an appointment for consultation in our showroom? Please contact us below.



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